Epak GUI Update Troubleshooting



Manually run the update


1.     Log out of E-Pak and close all E-Pak sessions. Ensure that all E-Pak sessions are closed completely.


2.     Click on the following link to download the latest GUI update file.



e-Pak Version B (Ver B.005K)àhttp://epak.soft-pak.com/epakupdate/epakupdate.exe


Depending on the browser you are using, the file will either just download and show up on the bottom left of your web browser window, or you will be prompted to Save / Run the file.  If you are prompted to Save / Run, click on RUN.  If the file just downloads and you see it in the lower left of your browser, just click on it once it is complete.


Google Chrome – File will show up on bottom left hand corner, just click once done


Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge – File will download automatically and then a box will show up on the bottom of your browser, just click  RUN


Once the file starts to run, you will be prompted with a window like below, JUST CLICK RUN


3.      If you get the “User Account Control” warning box pop up asking you “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your PC?”  You HAVE to click YES for the update to work.  This is just letting you know that a program is about to update some files, that is OK as we are updating the Soft-Pak GUI.



4.     Click NEXT once the update file starts to run.




5.     The update should run on your PC.  You will see a window similar to this showing you it is “Installing”





You should now be on the Sign on screen.  Check the upper left hand corner of the e-Pak Window to verify the GUI version is correct.


The version should be    à   i-Pak  Ver B.005K






If the update did not work, please email Soft-Pak Support at support@soft-pak.com for assistance.


If support requests to connect to your PC to assist, please click here to join meeting à  Join Support Session  (Support will provide meeting ID, no password needed)